Trio Roest met stadsdichter John Heymans

Impressie van de performance bij het SummerSquare Festival 2013 in Hengelo.


Folkert Buis: Drums, Theremin, Piano, Marc Fabels: Bas, Petrushka Morsink: Gitaar

John Heymans: Poezie

The Four Baritones of the Apocalypse

Folkert Buis’ “The Four Baritones of the Apocalypse”, written for and performed by The Four Baritones.

World Saxophone Congress XVI
St Andrews Schotland
All Saints Church

Line up: Simon Brew, Arno Bornkamp, Nicholas Russoniello, Niels Bijl

The Guitar Circle of Europe – Discipline

Yep! that’s me! I am a very happy boy right now.

The Guitar Circle Of Europe – Circulation

(Folkert is the fifth player from the left)

Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists – Whizz -

Trailer “Een Dijk Aan De Muur”

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