Composer and Arranger

Folkert Buis (Leeuwarden, 08-02-1971) studied orchestral percussion and jazz vibraphone at the Conservatory of Enschede, The Netherlands (Master degree 1998).

Folkert’s first major composition “Vulcan’s Forge” (1995) was a multi media show where visuals, sounds and texts joined the music. After that Folkert wrote a variety of pieces, like compositions for symphony orchestra with rock band, wind orchestra with extensive percussion, chamber music ensembles and saxophone orchestra with percussion. Characteristic are always the dynamics between classical and popular music as well as the visual character of all his music.

Since 2010 Folkert Buis is a member of the Genootschap voor Nederlandse Componisten (GeNeCo).

A few Highlights:

In 2015 Folkert’s composition Hangi-Lauha (see also 2014 below) is performed in the City Hall in his hometown Hengelo, The Netherlands. On April 10th 2015 300 pupils from local schools participate in the concert with mini-theremins and key-chimes (they made these themselves at school), buckets, pots and pans. Folkert Buis plays the theremin, orchestral percussion and guitar.

September 6th 2014 Folkert’s Ode to Hengelo, Hangi Lauha, premieres in the Eatonzaal of the Rabo Theatre in Hengelo. It’s a symphony for, about and from Hengelo. Folkert plays the theremin, orchestral percussion and guitar. This concert was recorded on CD and DVD. It was commissioned bij Wind Orchestra Concordia Hengelo. Folkert: “Hengelo (= Hangi Lauha) is the city of connections, with motorways, railroads, the Twente canal and brooks. In my composition this “Junction of Twente”, with her impressive industrial history, is brought to live via the four elements water (the brooks), fire (the steel industry), air (the “Hengeler Weend”) and earth (the salt industry). The historical significance and cultural experience are connected in this project. These themes are not only represented musically with wind orchestra music, since the 19the century deeply rooted in Hengelo, but also visually. The wind orchestra is completed with a big mixed choir,  theremin, percussionists (melodic percussion and metal percussion) and a rock band.”

In 2014 Pink Floyd The Wall is performed in the Steengroeve (= Quarry) Theatre Winterswijk, The Netherlands. On August 12th, 13th, 15th en 16th 2014 Folkert’s arrangements for symphony orchestra and choir are used. Folkert is the drummer in the band.

Six years before that, in 2008, Pink Floyd The Wall was performed on the Market  Square in Hengelo. It was produced by the Rabo Theatre (director: Susanne Knapp from Berlin, Germany). Folkert wrote the arrangements for symphony orchestra and choir, was the musical director and initiator and played the drums in the band. Folkert’s arrangements were later are also used in Doetinchem, The Netherlands.

2013: “Prayer”, commissioned by “Il Canto di Rame“, for organ, soprano, trumpet and cello. Premiere: September 21t 2013 in the Bergkerk in Deventer, The Netherlands. Prayerwill be released on the new CD of “Il Canto di Rame” in 2015.

2012: “MANSION” for tenor saxophone and wind orchestra.

2011: “Another Story About The Direction Of Rocks” for harp and marimba (commissioned by the Icelandic “Duo HarpVerk”). Viktoria Gudnadottir shot the footage for the video in Iceland.

2010, 2011, 2012: For the “Kinderprinsengrachtconcert” (a concert on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Folkert arranged several accompaniments for solo compositions, commissioned bij the AVRO (a Dutch television broadcasting): Piano sonate a-klein by W.A. Mozart, Flight of the Bumblebee (for marimba), performed by the Jeugd Orkest Nederland (Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands).

2010: The Four Baritones of the Apocalypse for 4 bariton saxes, commissioned by “The Four Baritones” Also for “The Four Baritones”: an arrangement of “The eye of the Tiger

Since 2010 all Folkert’s percussion compositions and arrangements are published by Dutch Music Partners.

2009: “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” for tenor saxophone and piano, recorded and released by Niels Bijl and Hans Erik Dijkstra on their CD “Mozaik

2008: Music for the Percussion Theatre Performance BASH|COMM.

2007: “CRUSH”, a  co-operation between the Austrian choreographer Daniel Renner,  James van Leuven (United States) and Folkert Buis. James and Folkert compose together during the evolvement of the unique choreography by Daniel (a combination of street dance, ballet and hip hop).

2007: “Fanfayre”, for fanfare and percussion group, commissioned by the “Twents Fanfare Orkest” for their 70th year jubilee.

2006: Folkert composes “El Mare” for double brass quintet for the “Delphi Ensemble”. There is also a version for wind orchestra from El Mare”.

2006: Folkert writes the soundtrack for the documentary “Een Dijk aan de Muur”  by Dutch directors Henk Ganzeboom and Barbara van den Bogaard. He also played and recorded all the instruments.

2004: Squelchy Plumbing for saxophone orchestra and percussion.

2003: Le Glacier de la Plaine Morte for wind orchestra.

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