PRAYER for soprano, trumpet, cello and organ (September 2013)
PRAYER was commissioned by “Il Canto di Rame” for organ, soprano, trumpet and cello. It is a rare combination of instruments. The composition is based on two texts: The poem Prayer by Neil Perry and the prayer of St. Francis of Assissi. “Prayer” premiered on September 21st 2013 in the beautiful Bergkerk in Deventer, The Netherlands.
MANSION voor solo tenor saxofoon en Harmonieorkest (december 2011)
MANSION for tenor saxophone and wind orchestra was commissioned by Harmonieorkest OLTO from Loenen, The Netherlands, with saxophone solist Niels Bijl. MANSION is an atmospheric picture of a big, ruined mansion. The tenor saxophone is guiding the listener through the deserted rooms, where the spirits of the past make themselves heard. The tenor saxophone tells the history of the house, sometimes festive, sometimes turbulent, so we can imagine the former grandeure of the mansion.
“Mansion” premiered February 12th 2012 in Eerbeek, The Netherlands.

Mad People (Pointing at Stones) (2011)

The first composition of 2011 is meant as a completion on the GuitarCraft repertoire. It’s a “Full-group piece” with five different “voices” in New Standard Tuning. It premiered during the “Guitar Circle of Berlin” Weekend in March 2011.
Remain in Motion (2010) download pdf: 
Remain in Motion is a composition for 7 percussionists. The composition has been built from several themes with different tone characters. These themes are wrought into a rhythmic totality where the number 7 plays a very important part, like in the cadence, the interval structure and in other ways.

The different parts are composed in a way that makes it possible for every percussionist to play a melodic- as well as a rhythmic instrument.

By placing the instruments, especially the chimes, separately (as in far enough away from each other) a kaleidoscope of sound develops itself. During the whole of the piece everything keeps moving, from beginning to end.

Le Glacier de la Plaine Morte (2003) download pdf: 
(litt. The Glacier of the Plain of the Death ) is a musical impression of the alps around this glacier. In the different parts the diverse aspects of this region of Switzerland are highlighted. Waterfalls, alpine meadows, forests and of course the majestic Alps themselves. The last part, a lonely horn solo supported by low percussion, represents the desolate, wild height of the glacier.

This recording was played by the Concordia orchestra from Hengelo, conducted by Lute Hoekstra, on May 21st 2003 in the Town Hall of Hengelo Ov, The Netherlands.

You can order this piece by sending me an E-mail  or giving me a phone call so I can send it to you.

Squelchy Plumbing (2005) download pdf: 
Squelchy Plumbing was played by saxofonist Niels Bijl. The title also means also means “Screechy Pipes”. It is a powerful piece for saxophone orchestra and percussion. The composition has three parts: the Allegro Ritmico introduces the ensemble with the nuances of a steam locomotive, the Andante Nebuloso, a foggy sound collage with a groovy accompaniment and the Finale, introduced with a short fugatisch intermezzo.

Squelchy Plumbing featured on the 2006 “Muziek voor Muziek” CD. It was performed by the Saxophone Orchestra “BYDLO” and Percussion Group “Hengst” and conducted by Niels Bijl.

You can order this piece by sending me an E-mail  or giving me a phone call so I can send it to you.

El Mare (2006) download pdf: 
El Mare (2006) was commissioned by the Delphi-Ensemble. It was composed in the Summer of 2006. It is a composition for double brass quintet with the sea as the central theme. Because I live inland I travelled for inspiration to the English South Coast. The composition mirrors the white chalk coast close to Eastbourne with the red and white lighthouse, the coastal town of Lyme Regis with the Cob and the beauty of the English South Coast in general.

El Mare consist of three parts that intermingle: Beacon – Tales of the Sailors – El Mare.

The recording is a registration of the premiere of El Mara, September 6th 2006, Lelystad, The Netherlands, conducted by Lute Hoekstra.

You can order this piece by sending me an E-mail  or giving me a phone call so I can send it to you.

Een Dijk aan de Muur (2006) – scene 2 Lomme-Jannie
Een Dijk aan de Muur is a documentary by directors Henk Ganzeboom and Barbara  van den Boogaard. The music for this documentary was inspired by the shots of the prominent polder- and coastal landscapes and the “Afsluitdijk”. 6 scenes were composed with a total length of approximately 25 minutes.

Folkert played all the instruments. The recordings took place during the Summer of 2006.

The dress rehearsal (ouverture) and the première (finale) of CRUSH took place on May 23rd and 24th 2007 in the Rabotheater Hengelo and the Munttheater in Weert, The Netherlands. CRUSH was also published on DVD. There is a trailer on youtube and the DVD was also played in the “Freies Theater Innsbruck” in Innsbruck, Austria on June 13th 2013 as part of a school project.

CRUSH (2007)
CRUSH is a co-production of the “Rabotheater” and the “Muziekschool Hengelo” in Hengelo, The Netherlands. CRUSH is a dance performance of 1 hour. The interaction between classical dance/ballet and Hip-Hop/Street Dance and Break Dance is the key. CRUSH was developed by the Austrian choreographer Daniel Renner, who worked alongside the composers James van Leuven from Seattle (laptop, beats and sounds) and Folkert Buis (orchestra). The orchestra consisted of pupils from the local Music School.

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