Folkert Buis (Leeuwarden, 08-02-1971) studied orchestral percussion and jazz-vibraphone at the Conservatory of Enschede, Holland (Master degree 1998).

Folkert got his first practice pad in 1983. As a percussionist Folkert allways operated in different worlds. On the one hand as a drummer in the pop-, rock- and jazzfield, on the other hand as timpanist, malletplayer and percussionist in orchestral- and chamber music.

Nowadays Folkert also plays the guitar and he uses electronics, like the theremin. Folkert Buis also plays in the Euregio with colleague percussionist Gerson Stiening from Osnabrück, Germany.

Folkert often plays as a drummer, bass player or guitarist in all kinds of bands and ensembles and as an orchestral percussionist in several orchestras. Folkert also performs in his own productions.

In 2015 Folkert’s composition Hangi-Lauha (see also 2014) is performed in the City Hall in his hometown Hengelo. On April 10th 2015 300 pupils from local schools participate in the concert with mini-theremins and key-chimes (they made these themselves at school), buckets, pots and pans. Folkert Buis plays the theremin, orchestral percussion and guitar.

September 6th 2014 Folkert’s Ode to Hengelo, Hangi Lauha, premieres in the Eatonzaal of the Rabo Theatre in Hengelo. It’s a symphony for, about and from Hengelo. Folkert plays the theremin, orchestral percussion and guitar. This concert was recorded on CD and DVD.

In 2014 Pink Floyd The Wall is performed in the Steengroeve Theatre Winterswijk. On August 12th, 13th, 15th en 16th 2014 Folkert’s arrangements for symphony orchestra and choir are used. Folkert is the drummer in the band.

Six years before that, in 2008, Pink Floyd The Wall was performed on the Market  Square in Hengelo. It was produced by the Rabo Theatre (director Susanne Knapp). Folkert wrote the arrangements for symphony orchestra and choir, was the musical director and initiator and played the drums in the band.

Since 2008 Folkert is involved in the Guitar Circle of Europe (before: Guitar Craft) and The Berlin Guitar Ensemble, as a guitarist. Robert Fripp is the nestor. In 2013 the first Guitar Circle of Europe (GCE) album was released with King Crimson pieces and an arrangement by Folkert Buis, “Capsule in Space”. On the second album of The BGE (Berlin Guitar Ensemble) vs. 1605munro Folkert not only plays the guitar but also the theremin.

With his colleagues Raymond Ruitenberg and Door Raeymaekers Folkert produced and played BASH|COMM, a percussion spectacle that premiered February 14th 2008.

In 2006 Folkert writes the musical score for the documentary Een Dijk aan de Muur from directors Henk Ganzeboom and Barbara van den Bogaard. Folkert plays all the instruments too.

With Martin Fabels Folkert wrote and recorded songs in Martin’s vintage studio. Folkert played all the instruments, Martin sang and was the technician.

As a soloist Folkert played many pieces of the classical percussion repertoire, including Klaus-Peter Bruchmann’s “Concertino per Timpani e Orchestra”, the “Sonata for two pianos and percussion” by Bela Bartók (aired on The Dutch TV program “Reiziger in Muziek”, Nederland 3, February 20th 1999, live in the Plantage, Amsterdam) and the “Histoire du Soldat” by Stravinsky amongst other more contemporary composers.

A member of the former Euregio Slagwerkensemble, in 1996 Folkert contributed to the first Dutch translated version of the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.  This was released on CD (and, due to legal issues with the Orff-estate concerning the translation, has been banned).

Folkert also was a member of the former “Crossworx”-ensemble, a quartet dedicated to 20th and 21st century music.

Folkert has operated as a drummer, keyboardist, arranger and composer in several pop bands like Stonehenge (the song Hurdle Mind was released on the LP ‘IM WESTEN NICHTS NEUES’), Desert Rose, Fables and Conic Stew.

As a musician, Folkert operates on a free-lance basis.

Folkert is also a teacher on the Music School in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

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